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Red Orange has two main lines of consultancy services with strongly coinciding elements: 1) is an advisory firm that brings you the best in attracting new talents, analyzing the existing ones and the future needs, thus making your recruiting effective and efficient right to the target. 2) Vietnam country specific Strategy & Operations Advisory (JV/JSC with foreign partners) Oftentimes, and in most of the companies in fact, change is vital for success. A company may need transformation to keep the business running, providing jobs and making profit.

What is Red Orange?

Mission:  Provide suitable solutions quickly for customers in Vietnam Market 
Vision: Leading in providing valuable solutions in Vietnam
Core values:  Leadership, productivity, and creativity

Why choose us

Realizing when this is needed is already a challenge. Acknowledging it to the extent where it results affirmative decision and actions, is even a greater challenge.
“What are those actions?” “How are the benefits for the company and its stakeholders?” “How do those actions bring us competitive advantage?”



Internal or external recruiting? Doesn't matter, we can serve you in both matters.

If you wish to boost your internal recruiting, Red Orange Talent Attraction Development helps your company to develop the abilities to search, attract, identify and hire the best people for your company strategy and operational goals in Vietnam.

If your company needs to find professional people on different levels, we consult you with Executive Search and Recruiting. 

However, there are something to consider. Keep scrolling and reading. 


Do you know?

The percentage of retaining new people is much higher in internal recruiting – and in retained recruiting - than that of in contingency recruiting

Do you know?

The quality of candidates is much higher when the recruiter has an adequate marketing plan with good copywriting skills for the assignment, no matter who is the recruiter?

Do you know?

95-96 out of 100 job “ads” only list requirements but give nothing in return, pushing away equal share of talents?

Do you know?

Around 95-96 percent of ‘job advertisements’ cannot attract attention, do not engage the readers or keep them interested?


Advertising is with PURPOSE, so writing Job Advertisements (copywriting) must be with the same purpose. It is about using words to reach people, attract them and create action.

Attraction is much to do with copywriting and branding; the way the job ad is written; how the job and the company is introduced. It is about marketing the job and the employer. The entire process matters, candidate experience matters.

Red Orange team can train and assist your internal recruiters and hiring managers to reach, attract and identify the right people, the people you need. If you do not have internal recruiting, we can create it for you. We work together with you – hands in mud – and make sure that results are there with us and after us.

Red Orange is an advisory firm that brings you the best in attracting new talents, analyzing the existing ones and the future needs, thus making your recruiting effective and efficient right to the target.

Should you have challenges to find and retain the needed capabilities, we can assist you in it, internally and/or externally.

In a foreign invested company in Vietnam, or in any company seeking for transformation like in a JV/JSC after the M&A deal, all the above is ever more important.




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